Vardar Saturday Game Report

Vardar Academy Teams faced off against Sockers FC on Saturday, Oct. 19, and came away with two wins and one tie.

The 18s kicked off first and saw themselves down 2-0 in the first half to the Sockers.   The team battled back from the deficit with goals from Matt Nance and Nate McLean.   Then Mark Lupenec scored the game winner late giving Vardar the 3-2 advantage.

The 16s started out with Vardar goalkeeper, Pearce Skinner, coming up big three times to keep the home team in the game in the first half.  Then, when Vardar did get scoring chances, they put the ball away and finished with goals from Jimmy Todd, Jake Rosen and two from Nash Popovic.  The final was Vardar 4 and Sockers 0.

"Pearce made some really big saves until we could get going offensively," said Coach Mike Lupenec.   "You can never fall asleep in Academy games because things can change really fast.   I’m proud of our guys for staying strong the entire second half and finishing chances that came our way."  

Finally the 14s played the Sockers and battled to a 2-2 tie.   Matt Mielnicki and Assad Bujaidar earned the goals for Vardar.