Vardar Players Invited to Training Center

Twelve Vardar players were invited by the United States Soccer Federation to a March 26 U.S. Soccer Training Center run by U.S. National team staff members.  The training center was held at the Winstar Sports Complex.   READ MORE....

Colton Farley, Keith Larson, Matthew Mielnicki, Ben Ofeimu, Assad Bujaidar, Michael Teller, Kevin Buca, Austin Koss, Alex Popa, Ryan Cummins, Hiroshi Claboine and Chase Inscho were all selected to attend the program.   The boys are members of either the U14 Academy Team or the U13 NPL Team.

The U.S. Soccer Training Center program aims to identify the best players for the U.S. Soccer Youth National Team program. Training Center events are open to the top players from any team, club or organization.  Sessions are free, single-day player identification opportunities for local players with the most potential to train under the direction of U.S. Soccer National Team coaches. U.S. Soccer runs over 300 Sessions per year around the country.

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