Skills Rewarded

Practices at Vardar Soccer Club for players U7 through U10 are more fun than ever as a Juggling Program has been implemented in which players can earn colored wristbands for their juggling skills. To encourage players to spend more individual time with the soccer ball, Boys Youth Director Steve Arce, has created the Juggling Program and allows five to ten minutes during each practice for players to count their juggling and earn a new wristband.

For example, U6-U8 players must have five consecutive juggles to earn a white wristband with the words "Vardar Juggling Club" printed on it. Ten juggles earns a yellow band, 15 juggles gets a green, 20 earns a black, 25 juggles is a red band and the top prize is a blue band for 50 consecutive juggles. Players U9-U10 are required to juggle higher numbers for their wristbands.

"Since we've implemented the Juggling Program, we've seen our boys more interested in working on their individual skills," Arce said. "This is so important to the game of soccer especially when trying to control first touches from passes or throw-ins. It's a great way to encourage players to work at home on their skills because they want to show off their improvements the next time they come to practice and earn another wristband. Plus it's all great fun because everyone loves to get a prize!"